The Gallery of Visions are a collection of Paulie’s Finest work .They cover his early Mandala’s and move more into his  newer collection of visions . They are available as limited edition Numbered UV resistant prints , Each artwork is available in different variety of Mediums via the drop down boxes in the Gallery.
These images are available through PayPal you don’t even need a PayPal account you can always Purchase artwork via credits card on PayPal.If there is anything you need to know check out the  FAQ Frequently asked questions Page  .Hope this answers any questions you can always contact me via sales@galacticseed.com and i will get back to your asap.Thanks.





Here is a link to My Society6 Artpage

I sell a whole different set of items on here

from phones cases to shower curtains.

(Postage can take up to 3-5 weeks.)

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